Website Sponsors

There are three levels of entry to this website as follows.

1. Basic Page Listing – this is free of charge.

2. Upgraded/Paid Page listing. This is just 3000 Baht per annum and includes the following extra benefits.

  1. Inline (on page) advertising is removed.
  2. You can add links to your website and Social Media i.e. Facebook, Twitter etc.
  3. You can add your own text – subject to a few common sense rules.
  4. Paid pages are promoted on Social Media; mainly Facebook and Twitter.

3. Sponsors/Featured Listing. These are 6,000 Baht per annum. This is inclusive of the Paid listing above, you do not need to pay both. In addition your banner ads appear in the sidebar and on other (free) pages (you provide the banners). Sponsored listings/banners are limited to 6 of which 4 are currently taken so two are available at this time.

Sponsors pages appear in the Featured Category listings in the top menu and right sidebars (below on cellphones).

If you look at each listing on the site the daily visitors are shown towards the bottom of each page. You can clearly see the advantage the paid pages receive. Sponsored banners can link to your page on this site, your Facebook Page, or any other external website.

Current Sponsors

Devil’s Den.

KINK Pattaya

Fever bar and guesthouse.

Pandoras Agogo bar.

If you are interested in a listing, either free or paid, please use the Add a Business page.

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